Time of Their Lives

“The industry needs editors like Dana, whose instincts I can say belong back in the golden age of publishing that I have written about.  I am deeply grateful for all her efforts in making The Time of Their Lives a better book.”

Al Silverman, Former Editor-in-Chief, Viking Press
The Time of Their Lives


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Praise for The Time of Their Lives


“Dana is one of the greatest allies a writer could hope to have in her corner.”

Watchman's Rattle


Rebecca Costa, Sociologist
The Watchman’s Rattle



Praise for The Watchman’s Rattle


“When I found Dana, it was like finding a needle in a haystack — she’s exceptionally rare. Dana has a way of finding true beauty in everything, and I couldn’t have done my book without her.  If I could, I’d keep her all to myself.”New about face

Scott Barnes, Celebrity Makeup Artist
About Face





Praise for About Face



“Dana is an excellent developmental editor. What separates her from the pack though is that she is also savvy about marketing and sales, bringing a keen eye to the positioning of a book that makes it stand out from the competition. She has outstanding creative and analytical skills and she is adept at several genres of non-fiction.  Mix all of the above with her strong intuitive sense, and you get first rate results.

Waterside productions

One of the best I have ever worked with.”

David Nelson, Literary Agent
Waterside Productions, Inc.


“Dana Benningfield worked on my memoir, A Journey Through Medicine, with a breadth of skill far beyond my expectations. She rapidly grasped the key aspects of a field with which she was unfamiliar. She had a knack for adroitly suggesting additions, deletions, rearrangements and rewording which improved my text significantly.A Journey Through Medicine

I am thankful for her remarkably creative help.”

Robert Green, MD
A Journey Through Medicine






Praise for A Journey Through Medicine


“Dana’s writing is clear and concise with lots of value-added, drawing on both her business and communications background. She often sees things in a unique way which is helpful to the overall creative process. Editorially, she also offers the best of both worlds: an excellent sounding board as well as tight technical skills.”

Sarah DaVanzo, Vice President, Consumer and Market Insight and Foresight at L’Oreal SA


“Over the years, I’ve crossed paths with a lot of extremely talented writers, many of whom have gone on to publish wildly successful books, like Lauren Weisberger and Sally Koslow, as well as articles in major magazines and newspapers. I would rank Dana Benningfield right up at the top of this group. She works hard at her craft, and yet her prose makes it look easy Greenpoint Presswhich is, to me, the mark of a true writer who is in control of her craft.”

Charles Salzberg, Editor-in-Chief
Greenpoint Press


“Dana is masterful at dredging out riveting tidbits and shiny moments — the details that capture readers and commit them to your story. She hands them over and asks, ‘So what do you think about this?’ There’s no pretense or over-editing with Dana.  She is good humored and dead-on.  I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Mark Ferguson site

Mark Lynn Ferguson, short story writer and blogger
The Rivalist


“I like to think of Dana Benningfield as a lighthouse for writers. Her editing illuminates even as it guides, providing a rock-solid knowledge base I have learned to trust. After reading Dana’s initial notes on a short story I sent her, I felt I finally, after months of work, understood what the story was about. More than that, she gave me a sense of what the story might become.”

Joseph Jablonski, author




Praise for Landfall

Dana helped me in so many ways: instructing me on making characters sympathetic and multi-dimensional, assisting in developing the all important arc of the story, helping me in developing tension, suspense and flow…  Over the course of the several years we worked together, during which I genuinely felt we were a team, Dana was responsive, encouraging, supportive, and at all terms personable. Although we never met face-to-face, I felt I got to know her just a bit, especially about her high standards, and her passion for the art of fiction writing.GT

Initial feedback from my readers has been most favorable, and I attribute much of the credit to Dana. She’s an absolute gem.

  Barry Oblas, author
God’s Therapist



Praise for God’s Therapist